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Wine Time Women's Cycling Jersey


Elastic waist and cuffs keep the jersey in place so it wears the way you move. Three large rear pockets keep your stuff out of your way so you can keep just dig in and enjoy the ride. By the way, the cut is designed for cycling; no sense going to all this trouble and then having it fit like some crummy t-shirt!

100% DrySport Polyester Wicking Fabric
14″ Hidden Zipper
High-tech Heat Sublimation Printing
Elastic Waist and Cuffs
Womens Specific Cycling Cut
Three Back Pockets

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Cycling Jersey Description

The Wine Time Women's Cycling Jersey is designed and manufactured by World Jersesys, providing quality cycling apparel for women.  This women's cycling jersey is designed to combine comfort and performance for long rides on the bike.  

Made from 100% DriSport moisture-wicking material, it is lightweight and breathable to keep you comfortable.  This women's cycling jersey is available in S, M, and Large sizes and is form fitting to match your body type.  

This women's jersey is perfect for both the casual rider and the avid cyclist!

Wine Time Women's Cycling Jersey Features

Collar: Zippable O-Neck Collar
Fit: Standard fit. Please check sizing charts
Fabric: Quick-Dry moisture-wicking polyester
Pockets: Three reinforced stitched back pockets
Zipper: 16’ Full-length hidden zip
Gripper: Silicone waist gripper to avoid unwanted riding with full pockets

We also carry a wide selection of men's cycling jerseyswomen’s cycling jerseys.  We take pride in all of our cycling jersey designs and as we always say, we want to help you:


Key Features

Bold Designs

Our collection of unique women's cycling jerseys is designed to make a statement. With eye-catching patterns, vibrant colors, and bold graphics, you'll be sure to turn heads as you ride We understand that each cyclist has her own sense of style, so we offer a wide range of options to choose from. From abstract patterns to nature-inspired designs, there's something for every taste.

Performance-Driven Material

World Jerseys is committed to delivering high-quality cycling apparel that doesn't compromise on performance. Our unique women's cycling jerseys are made from 100% DrySport moisture-wicking fabric, designed to keep you dry and comfortable during long rides. The material is lightweight and breathable, giving you airflow for temperature control.  

Material and Fit

Made with 100% DrySport moisture wicking material, these unique womens cycling jerseys are designed and manufactured with comfort in mind.  All jerseys have a wide selection of sizes including S, M, L so you can find the perfect fit.  These jerseys also feature 3 rear pockets so you can carry belongings such as water, keys, cell phone, energy gels, and more.  They are designed to withstand numerous machine washes along with general wear and tear on the road.  

We also carry a wide selection of unique cycling jerseyswomen’s cycling jerseyscycling caps, and cycling socks to help you ride in style! We take pride in all of our cycling jersey designs and as we always say, "Ride in Style!"