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Texas Cycling Cap


This great Texas Cycling Cap is made by World Jerseys. Beautifully constructed out of a polyester blend fabric wicks moisture and keeps your dome dry. Just like any another other cycling cap this one comes with a bill that can be flipped up or worn down. You can also match this cycling cap up with our awesome Texas Cycling Jersey One size fits most and is constructed with elastic to give you a little extra stretch.

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Cycling Jersey Description

Texas Cycling Cap

Our cycling caps have earned a reputation for quality and function because they are handmade with care in the USA with the individual cyclist in mind. Our cycling caps' global popularity has allowed us to expand production while still keeping our cycling caps handmade in the United States. Our customers rave about the fit, fashion and function our cycling caps provide at a remarkable value.

We take great pride in pleasing our customers. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed, and your feedback is welcome. We strive to make a cycling cap that is right for you. We offer custom colors, fabrics and embroidery to fit your individual needs or those of an entire cycling club.

Our cycling caps are made from durable fabric in a variety of colors, are comfortable and completely washable. The customer-friendly price makes it possible to own one in every color and for every occasion.

The cycling cap, or the ‘casquette’ in French, is a bit of icon in the cycling world. The simple cloth cap graced the heads of all the greats, with the history of the cycling cap going back through the last century and beyond. Now it stands as a symbol, looking kind of ridiculous to the rest of the population, but serving as a nod to your cycling brethren.

Whether you admit to owning one or not, the cycling cap is part of the culture, along with weird tan lines and bib shorts. It speaks to its two wheeled history, and has seen a resurgence in the past few years. Here’s a short history of the cycling cap, as muddy as it is, so you can wear yours with pride as you head on down the coffee shop.

Cyclists, the humble cycling cap is our crown. It is part of our unique look and it plays a crucial role on those days of low sun in spring and autumn, shielding our eyes from sun and rain, and keeping our head warm.

We have fond memories of riders past donning cycling caps with panache, wearing them high on their heads with pride. But as helmets became mandatory and cycling grew to reach a wider audience, the podium cap was replaced with a baseball hat.

But now, through the voice of a new generation, a trend towards has emerged and cyclists are once again putting proper cycling caps back on their heads.