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Liberator Cycling Cap


This great Liberator Cycling Cap is made by World Jerseys. Beautifully constructed out of a polyester blend fabric wicks moisture and keeps your dome dry. Just like any another other cycling cap this one comes with a bill that can be flipped up or worn down. You can also match this cycling cap up with our awesome Liberator Cycling Jersey. One size fits most and is constructed with elastic to give you a little extra stretch.

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Cycling Jersey Description

Cycling caps are designed to improve the overall comfort and performance of cyclists.  Our cycling caps are designed to be fun and stylish for both the avid cyclist and the casual rider. Designed and manufactured by World Jerseys, our cycling caps combine style and durability to protect you on the road.

Cycling Cap Features


Made with 100% DrySport polyester, this cycling cap is a moisture wicking material that is both lightweight and breathable.  This material provides ventilation to keep any cyclist cool and comfortable during their ride.  The inner lining also features a soft fabric to manage sweat and keep you dry.


The Liberator Cycling cap can be used in road cycling and mountain biking endeavors.  It can be worn during the warm weather months or as a base layer under a helmet in cooler conditions.  The low-profile design allows for a comfortable fit beneath the helmet without impeding ventilation.

Cycling Cap Benefits

The Cycling Cap offers several benefits:

Sun Protection

The visor shields the face and eyes from harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburn and improving visibility on bright days.

Moisture Management

The 100% DrySport moisture-wicking material of the cap's fabric helps tp regulate body temperature and keep sweat at bay, preventing discomfort and irritation during long rides.


The cap's stylish design and vibrant colors complement any cycling attire and improve visibility so you will be seen by motorists.