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Formaggio 8 Panel Lycra Cycling Shorts


Made out of the highest quality 8oz Nylon/Lycra fabric. 1" Elastic waist. Silicon gripper elastic on cuffs. Flat seam construction for comfort with contrasting stitching. Pro Multi Level Chamois inside. Quality compares to those $100 Shorts you can't bring yourself to buy.

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Cycling Shorts

Cycling Descriptions

Cycling Shorts Leg Length

Leg lengths vary anywhere from 3 to 10 1/2 inches. Traditional wool racing shorts were usually cut long so that the fabric covered the quadriceps muscle, keeping the short from riding up into the crotch and chafing. The advent of stretch fabrics and elastic leg grippers, however, has allowed manufacturers to make shorter shorts without compromising function.

Shorts length can be divided into three categories:

Short: 3 - 5 inches: "hot pants" length (usually designed for cross-training, spinning & triathlons)
Medium: 6 - 8 inches: average cycling short length
Long: 9 - 11 inches: past the quadriceps (usually a European-cut racing length)

The World Jersey’s Formaggio 8 Panel Lycra Short is padded cycling short that is comfortable and affordable, giving riders new to padding an introduction into its benefits. It features a center bib clip so that you can customize the positioning of front straps as well as silicone leg grippers that keep the shorts in place without being too tight on your legs.

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your cycling shorts comfort is getting a good pair of bicycling shorts. These simple-looking pants are actually high-tech apparel with impressive features such as an anatomic fit, moisture-wicking fabrics and prevention against chafing and bacteria. Best, good shorts eliminate discomfort and are a virtually indispensable part of a cyclist's wardrobe.

Today, over a hundred companies manufacture bicycle shorts. Multiply this by the number of models each offers and you can see that there are thousands of bike shorts to choose from. Although all may look the same at first, there can be significant differences between models. The following tips will help you find the short that's best for you.

4-Panels... 6-Panels... 8-Panels...

Bike shorts are constructed of panels to contour the garment to fit the body in the cycling position. The more panels the shorts have, the more curvature they have, too. This was essential back in the days of wool shorts when fabric had very little stretch. Today's stretch fabrics have made this distinction less important.

As a general rule, however, higher-end cycling shorts are usually 8-panel designs and less expensive shorts are usually 6-panel designs. Use of 4-panel designs is usually limited to workout clothing in which cyclists ride in a more upright position.

If you're one of the few who are bothered by the seams in the crotch area of traditional 6- and 8-panel shorts, there's an alternative. A new panel design referred to as a 4/6 panel or 6/8 panel is cut anatomically, like a 6- or 8-panel short. But the leg inseam has been eliminated to prevent chafing.

Basic Fit

As with all clothing, bike-short sizing varies from one company to the next. So, we recommend trying on several different shorts before buying. Fabrics and construction will cause each short to fit differently. Also, when trying on cycling apparel, put yourself in a cycling position. You don't ride the bike standing straight up and down, after all. Cycling shorts should fit like a second skin, snug but comfortable with no bagging or wrinkles.

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